Eco Conditioner

Eco Conditioner:

Lush Conditioner bar

Beauty products are lots of fun. Their low cost & nice smells make them enticingly addictive & challenge all of us not to turn into shopaholics. 

We luv new eco hair care products like this hair conditioning bar from Lush. Plus Lush’s bars come in fun scents like milkshake?!$@%!

Shampoo & conditioning bars are concentrates of their bottled counterparts. With a bar you can eliminate lots of the bad plastic packaging required to hold the water+concentrate versions of shampoo/conditioner- and it’s much easier to ship these smaller alternatives (transport of products is really bad for co2 emissions; the lighter & smaller they are, the less co2 released to ship them to stores or direct to you).

The ENVIRONMENT is grateful for smart alternatives like this! Check out hair care bars & ‘whip your hair back & forth’ knowing mother earth appreciates your good shopping choices!!

Hair conditioner bars save on packaging & transport weight. 2 eco wins! Lush bar has a fun milkshake scent! 

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