For Teens

“U4U is a members club for TEEN GIRLs including Demigirls & all who identify as girls”


THE U4U community will support you through stress management, social issues, school and GOAL setting. Through U4U Groups & the U4U App you will find:

  • Fun & a place to get away from all the stress!
  • Clarity in choosing and succeeding in your goals through tools, quizzes, games, insights, interviews and connections with key influencers
  • Opportunity to set yourself apart by participating in the U4U challenge course that higher education, technical schools & employers will recognize as a huge value


YOU WILL LUV the positive & safe community for managing school issues, body changes and friend challenges… As well as making new friends & having lots of FUN!

When you sign up to U4U Groups or App, you will get a charm bracelet and points bucket to start collecting charms & points to buy cool stuff as well as track your progress through the U4U App.

ALL U4U members can participate in Groups & the web App that are personalized, builds year on year AND / OR

+ get a big or little sister
+ access professional coaching & support in all issues that challenge you
+ participate in online & in person events/activities/parties!!!
+ maybe even win scholarships and chances to connect with your IDOLS

U4U’s 4 pillars are Self (mental+physical), Connection (relationships), Culture & Environment.

U4U members develop across all 4 pillars & along the way you can better understand who you are, clarify your goals/dreams & get support/tools/connections to achieve them.

The U4U team is made up of young people like you who are facing all kinds of issues as well as a huge group of influencers, experts, and professionals who can help you get over the hurdles & achieve


Experts, influencers & professionals in yoga, growth mindset, gaming, meditation, fitness, youth psychology, coaching, culture, economics, technology, dance & environment have all come together to offer you tools, insights, education, tips, connections, games, quizzes, videos, interviews, workshops, cartoons & so much more to make the U4U program AMAZINGLY RICH & FUN.

Join U4U

Join U4U to HAVE FUN + get support with teen girl challenges, to better understand yourself & your goals AND to get on track to accomplishing your dreams!!

U4U Four Pillars

U4U Four Pillars

mental & physical fitness + healthy relationships +
society/economy/global aware + enviro advocacy

I + Us + All of Us + On Earth