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Teen girls are in a mental health crisis- US Surgeon General 

U4U is a solution & globally scalable opportunity

U4U is a pre-seed curated social media platform for teenage girls providing healthy connection, support, and development journey. The ‘freemium’ business model taps into the billions (such as CA’s Prop 63’s annual $2Bill for child mental health & $4.4Bill youth behavior health initiative 2021) spent on teenage mental health by parents, schools, state and federal agencies.

Our initial pilot showed reduction in depression, initiated behavior change, goal setting & empowerment within 3 weeks of engagement. As well as High levels of engagement, clicks & positive feedback like: “I started U4U because I was feeling insecure & thought U4U could help, I was so right…I’m loving it.” 15yr; “I’m so grateful for this community.”16yr.

We are looking to raise funds in a pre-seed round to build out the product MVP and broaden the pilot. Initial conversations with schools, adolescent therapists & adolescent dietitians have uncovered strong interest & eagerness to partner in distributing. REQUEST INVESTORS DECK BELOW OR email

(Interim hustle) Micro-funding: For each $85 raised, 1 girl will have access to the full U4U program for 1 year. Ahead of the full app build we are offering a trial program through email which includes a 21 pt development course, mentorship, penpal & professional services.  Sponsor a youth her

Seed Investors

U4U is seeking pre-seed investors; be a part of a much needed solution and large, scalable opportunity.

US studies of teen girls show that 1 in 5 suffer from depression, +25% have tried self-harm, +10% have eating disorders & +35% have body image issues, so it’s no wonder that the New York Times ( and many others are pointing out that teen girls need help. Yet, parents are busy, schools are full & girls are turning to social media to cope which is amplifying the negative statistics. And this situation is increasingly present around the world.

Yet girls hold a world of potential. As Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen says:
“The potential to change a culture lies in a girl”
Females invest more of their earnings & time into their families & communities… over their lifetimes they influence generations.

By investing in U4U, you can be a part of the solution.

U4U will offer members::

  • Engaging & high appeal app with a developmental challenge course & social network that has built in machine learning to support positive mental health
  • Pen pals, peer mentoring and professional services
  • Local & global activities

We are seeking opportunities to share how we are growing with seed investors.

U4U is in a fast growing & high attention segment. The business model is based on subscription & partnerships. U4U is scalable across the globe. 

Digital health was one of the top VC investment segment in 2021 attracting $57B of funding globally. Digital behavioral/mental and wellness health was the largest and fastest growing segment with 139% YoY growth topping $5.5B funding (source: CB Insights). The mental health apps market is expected to grow to $17.5B by 2030 (source: Grand View Research Inc.). While teens represent $142 bill in direct spend (Forbes).

Have a look around our blog & across our instagram community @u4uteen to see the fun & quality connection we offer teen girls 

Please request an investor deck below to learn more & be a part of the solution!

                                   U4U can also be found on Linked in at U4U b corp

Cheers to U4U- a solution! An opportunity!! A change!!!

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