Teen Girl Entrepreneurs

Teen Girl Entrepreneurs
If you have ever looked at a business and thought to yourself, “I could have one of those” then you can learn a thing or two from this post. You can turn anything into a business if you’re passionate enough about it. Jazzy, Kirsi and Kate are prime examples of taking an interest and combining it with ambition, to create self-run shops.

A food dehydrator and a bag sealer, not the gift you’d expect a 10-year-old to ask for, but that’s exactly what Jasmine Thomas-Gainey asked for in order to kick-start her home-baked dog treats business.

First starting out on Etsy in March of 2020, she later expanded into markets throughout the Bay Area. She credits her inspiration for the business to both her love of dogs and her love of baking, she put the 2 together and got the best of both worlds. Jazzy took 2 things that she was passionate about and combined them to create a self-run business, proving that dedication and passion can help drive you to create great things. 

Kirsi and Kate
Thrifting, Poshmark, and Depop have become popular shopping destinations for young girls to find gently worn clothes at a reasonable cost. They have also become marketplaces for people to sell their old clothing and make a profit off of it.

Kirsi and Kate took this idea and turned it into a self-run clothing swap that allowed girls to drop off their used clothing with a list of prices for each item. Kirsi and Kate would then hold Swaps Sales where they sell the dropped-off clothing items, the previous owner will then receive the profits that were made off of their sold items. Through their efforts, they help decrease the amount of waste that builds up in landfills due to unwanted clothing items.

Your Next Big Idea
From dog treats to clothing swaps, there is no idea that is too big or small to turn into a business venture. Jazzy, Kirsi, and Kate all had a passion and interest in what they were doing, and that is what made them successful. Your next big idea could be the start of your entrepreneurial journey.