Radiate Your Power with U4U Teen

U4U will be in San Rafael CA this Sunday March 3rd for the 2024 Marin Teen Girl Conference.

The theme of the event this year is Radiate Your Power!

At U4U we are all about Girls Radiating their power and supporting each other through challenges. When thinking about that theme I wonder how often we teen girls think about the power we have in the world. I know that I and many of my friends talk a lot about what we will do in the future, yet I also see quite a few girls out there doing amazing things. There’s a girl at my school who does clothing swaps that are really cool & are a great way to keep clothes out of landfill. I also know another girl that with the help of her dad, has some bee hives and makes honey.

How do you Radiate your power? I’d luv to know. Share with us through insta or comment… or just start thinking about it cause I know you have an amazing power too.

Marinteengirls.org has all the details of the event if you are in the area!!

Otherwise check out U4U GROUPS  page to join us online for some of our upcoming adventures!