Interview with a Ballerina

The unpredictable life of a Ballerina is like a rollercoaster ride. We interviewed Brooke Linford, Company Artist with the Joffrey since 2014, on her journey. From the physical to mental struggles she faced, she remains strong regardless. It was a pleasure to speak with her & recognize how we all manage struggles…even within the dreamy world of ballet. 


It is often perceived that ballerinas are expected to maintain their physique and limit their food intake. It’s great to hear that may not always be the case: “For nutrition I don’t have any restrictions and just try to maintain some balance…I like to eat a salad with my dinner most days to get some green in.” says Brooke. It’s refreshing to hear her not be pressured to eat minimally. Brooke reminded us that eating greens is essential in her diet as she gains the necessary nutrients for good health.

Mental Health

Ballet isn’t always as elegant as it seems. Like many teenagers, Brooke dealt with depression. It wasn’t easy to go through and so she started seeking help. Therapy was a great opportunity to look for new tactics to face her struggle. “Getting tools for coping from a therapist is so helpful when combined with other treatments like medication.” answered Brooke. Finding the help she needed allowed her to take care of herself. 

Cutting out the negative intake in her life from tv, books, and movies transitioned to a positive sphere of influence. Similar to scrolling on social media all day, you begin to become what you consume. Day by day, focusing more on motivation quotes or inspiring content will lift your mood and be much more influential to your overall well being. (Which is pretty much what U4U is all about 😉

Physical Struggle

Within her busy week, Brooke has her schedule filled to the brim. “I take ballet class and rehearse 5 days for my work schedule, but on top of that I like to do Pilates or my physical therapy exercises 3-4 days a week even if it’s just for 20 minutes for some strengthening.” expressed Brooke. It seems that Pilates is her stress reliever. The physical toll of a ballerina is very rough on her whole body.

Finding Peace

The battles we face shouldn’t be faced alone. Brooke found her way and greatly benefited from it. To maintain balance, just like a ballerina, is the best way to cope with the endless responsibilities that we deal with. Removing the bad influences in our every day routine can make all the difference. We may not always know where to go, but small steps to a positive outlook will be for the better. 

Check out the recorded interview of Brooke HERE!!!!