For Parents

U4U is a members club for TEEN GIRLs

U4U SEES GIRLS STRUGGLING- SO IS LEADING A MOVEMENT to support an improved future by supporting teen girls.
Girls face many challenges in their teen years…

  • 1 in 5 teen girls suffer from depression
  • +25% of US teen girls have tried self harm
  • 10% have eating disorders 
  • <35% have body image issues
  • 100% of teens we’ve polled are hindered by stress & anxiety

And the stats continue to rise; society is not offering a solution

Teen girls get challenging messages from society & media.

GET BETTER GRADES, win in sports, BE PRETTIER, get a boyfriend, WORK HARDER…. They are stressed out. Social media, increasing time spent on screens and structural pressures further hinder girls.

Yet parents are busy, schools are full & girls are left with limited places to turn for help & support. Mainly they turn to their screens.

We don’t expect teens to spend their days in adult environments, yet online they do & are presented not only with very mature content, but also unhealthy & even dangerous influence.

  • Reports prove Instagram is ‘toxic’ for teenage girls (95% of teens have smart phones)
  • 9 hrs avg spent on screens = decreasing amount of time teens spend with their families, adults who can support them or engaging in healthy activity
  • Academics, social pressures & parental finances are teen girls top triggers of anxiety disorders

Yet girls hold a world of potential & our world needs more female leaders

As Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen says:
“The potential to change a culture lies in a girl”.

Females invest more of their earnings & time into their families & communities… over their lifetimes they influence generations.

Women are massively underrepresented in both corporate & political leadership, yet studies show they are more inclined to deliver peace through collaboration.

I would like to introduce you to U4U, a social solution and youth opportunity…a dedicated community for girls aged 11-18 which supports their challenges and unleashes their potentials…

U4U offers girls GROUPs and a personal development web APP to give teen girls a supportive and positive environment to interact online & face to face– so that they can be happy, healthier as well as properly prepared to lead.

U4U ENVISIONS a world filled with healthy, happy, confident and capable young ladies positioned to lead the new economy, their families and their communities toward a brighter future.

U4U’s holistic program is built upon 4 pillars to deliver on this vision.

U4U Four Pillars

mental & physical fitness + healthy relationships + society/economy/global aware + enviro advocacy

I + Us + All of Us + On Earth

Register your teen today!

Register your teen with U4U to offer her support with the challenges of being a teen, the opportunity to better understand herself & so she can get on track to accomplishing her dreams!!

Program details:

U4U’s program is built upon four pillars: fitness, kindness, culture & society

mental & physical fitness + healthy relationships + society/economy/global aware + enviro advocacy
I + Us + All of Us + On Earth

Members luv the app, pen pals, mentors & other add-ons

The app is engaging, holistic and designed to appeal to a teen girl. They can complete an age based development challenge and/or read & share their publications

Add-On’s include options to attend activities, be paired with a mentor and pen pal, and even access professional coaching, ‘listening ears’ and mediators

Parents & guardians luv the relationship support & resources

A key component of the U4U program is creating a stronger relationship between the teen and her parent / guardian. There are multiple joint activities, touchpoints with parents & delivery through parents.

The U4U blog/website hosts a great, continually updated library of resources for all issues affecting teen girls as well as links to PROFESSIONALs that offer tailored / specific support. Professionals in the areas of: eating disorders, self harm, depression, coaching, college planning, transitions/divorice, nutrition, psychology, environmental impact and others.

U4U girls gain

  • Fitness, nutrition and physical health
  • Confidence, happiness and mental health
  • Compassion, tolerance and leadership skills
  • Communication skills, peer support and cultural awareness
  • Environmental consciousness and sustainability awareness

Middle school girls get to see their progress on their charm bracelets & enjoy many of their challenges combined with friends.

High Schoolers achieve a “U4U Leader” Award which Admissions & recruiters will recognize- as they recognize ‘Eagle Scout’ status.

For greater details on the depth of the program, a document outlines the extensive content covered throughout each year of a middle school & high schools participation in the program:

Please register your teen to help her unleash her potential, explore our resources, explore ways you can invest in the growth of U4U, or contact us with any questions.

Cheers to supporting young females to become all they can be & to creating a brighter future for all of us!!