Slam & Spike

Slam & Spike:

We luv this fun product & it’s a U4U favorite because it basically hits all 4 of U4Us pillars:

fitness: A FUN way to be active! You will not be counting the minutes on the clock, you will keep wanting ANOTHER round! And when you finally take a break for a big drink of water, you are going to luv feeling those endorphins/happy hormones pumping through your body!

kindness: Games like Slammo, spikeball, smashball, etc are such a great way to spend time with friends. Hang out doing something FUN & ACTIVE. The perfect activity to pull together some friends you may have lost touch with during these past covid yrs. Or activity to build out some new friendships with people that you think would be good friends!

culture: Games are a great part of our culture & who says that only means football, basketball, etc? Spending time outside, being active with friends & celebrating a good game is a perfect way to spend an afternoon celebrating one of our positive cultural activities!

environment: BEING outside is so good for the spirit! A great game like Slammo will bring you out to get the sun’s beautiful vitamin D, fresh air and the free stress relief that nature has in abundance,… just waiting for you right outside your door! 

Now u know why we luv outdoor ball games!!

Invite some friends who you lost track with over COVID & have a fun time outside with this really cool game!

Click here to check it out!