The SECRET sauce to GETTING everything you WANT!?

U4Us 4 Pillars- The SECRET sauce to GETTING everything you WANT!?

So, what is it that you want? 

I’m not talking about the latest kicks or phone. I mean, what do you really want? In life? Do u want to be famous? To be HAPPY? To have a loving boyfriend / future husband? Do you want to be a fashion designer? Do you want to Travel the world? 

Well, we have the secret sauce to get you whatever you want!

As U know (or now know), U4U is a members club for teen girls and of course that includes demigirls & those who associate as a girl. The U4U community is a place for FUN, friendship, CONNECTION, parties & the list goes onnnnn. A place to grow & be heard. AND U4U is built upon 4 pillars: fitness . kindness . culture . environment

By taking the time to build your strength across ALL of these 4 pillars, you can get whatever you want and as a bonus= be happy!

So that is a pretty strong statement, but U4U 100% believes it to be true & 100% believes in you. The 4 U4U pillars are set to support you to be a well rounded, healthy, informed, strong & confident person. When you become a master of the 4 pillars, you can move mountains! And the WORLD has a lot of Mountains that need to be Moved. The world needs YOU to step up and reach your fullest potential. 

The 4 pillars are MAGICAL because once you master them, they are the KEY to everything you want out of life. So, lets break it down.

Pillar 1: fitness

= Everything to do with you; your mental & physical fitness. All things that have to do with your body feeling happy. A healthy body is a happy body & with a happy body, you can get, be or do anything you want! 

Pillar 2: kindness

= How you connect & relate with others. Pillar 2 includes healthy & supportive relationships with your friends, family and BOYs!!! (& all romantic relationships)

Pillar 3: culture

= How you interact in your community. Everything to do with your culture & cultures around the world. Understanding cultures as well as how society & the economy function ensures you know how to get along in this world successfully. Many adults underestimate teen girls’ abilities to understand, engage in & influence. The culture pillar is about ensuring u can succeed within your community & make the world a better place for the people within it. 

Pillar 2: environment

= How you connect with the earth & advocate for it. We are all on this planet for a reason & by connecting with the earth your health, happiness & therefore ability to reach new heights will be possible. The environment often gets forgotten, yet it is key to ensuring you are a complete person. 

Now you know- U4Us 4 pillars are DEEP! And, through U4U, you will be supported to become the superhero that you are meant to be. U4U will help you be well rounded, healthy in self & relationship, confident, connected, set up to lead within your community or across the Globe plus so much more… UBU, Be a part of U4U & Let’s GO