Ask “Jus”

Ask “Jus”

fitness . KINDNESS . culture . environment

U4U has got u covered across all components of ur life through the four pillars:  fitness . kindness . culture . environment. 

Fitness = Everything to do with you; your mental & physical fitness. All things that have to do with your body feeling healthy & happy. 

KINDNESS = Everything to do with how you connect & relate with others. Including relationships with your friends, family and BOYs!!! (& all romantic relationships)

U4Us ‘Ask Jus’ section is a place for you to submit & read responses to questions teen girls like you have re: boys! (& keep your eyes out for our future posts re: parent relationships, non binary relationships, and relating with your neighbors)  


There is a boy who I really like as a friend, but when he asked me out I felt bad saying no because he’s really nice, so I said yes. I don’t want to go out with him and don’t want to go to the upcoming dance with him, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings because he’s such a good guy. What should I do?

Honesty is always the best quality. To go along with the lie would hurt both of you in the long run. Although it might be painful to say, it’s best to say it sooner than later to avoid more complications. I’d start by saying, “hey I wanted to let you know I want to stay as friends and can’t go to the dance with you, because I’m not comfortable making that step”. Keep it simple and light and the guy will understand. 

Why does my guy friend act like a jerk to me when he’s with a group of his friends but when we hang out together he’s like my best friend?

This often happens because the guy is afraid to show his feminine side. The act of “looking cool” is always on their mind when there’s a girl around, especially around other guys. It’s best to confront him about the situation as it’s bothering you and it’ll show that you’re not going to be a pinata in the conversations. 

I want to talk to more guys but I feel so shy around them. How can I talk to guys without them thinking I’m interested in going out with them?

It’s best to start off small, and just say hello to guys. Be aware that they might also be shy and nervous to talk to people as well. It’s not easy to make friends. Start by asking them what their hobbies, interests, or favorite music is. Once they start talking about what they like, it’s often easier to add on to the conversation and then they’ll ask about your interests. As long as there isn’t a sense of flirting or compliments, the guy usually just sees that you’re interested in being a friend first and foremost.