Smarty Pants Vitamins

Smarty Pants Teen Girl Vitamins:

U4U’s 1s pillar is FITNESS which relates to all things YOU: your mental + physical fitness. 

Fact is, if your body isn’t getting all the nutrients it needs, you will not be able to enjoy happy mental & strong physical fitness.

These Smarty Pants Vitamins are formulated specifically for teen girls to support all the changes happening within your body during your teen years. Hormones are changing & fluctuating. Your menstrual cycle & body growth can really cause big impacts on your mood & body. 

Teen girl multi vitamins can help reduce period pains, keep your eyes healthy, boost immunity, increase energy & strengthen bone health!

The Smarty Pants gummies are also super yumm!

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A yummy gummy vitamin with all the key ingredients to help ur teen body. May help with cramps, hair, nails, mood, & more!!

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