Unlock a window to the world!

A Penpal can expose the world through the voice of a new friend from around the world!

U4U’s PenPal program allows you to be matched with a pen pal from another country (or another state if you prefer).

  • Make a new friend from across the globe
  • Learn what it is like to live in someone else’s house / adobe / hut / complex
  • Maybe learn some words in a different language
  • Share advice for how a teen girl in a different area manages similar issues you deal with
  • Learn about the WORLD
  • Enjoy the U4U prompts and guidance to get the most from your experience. You will be sharing questionnaires, stories, responses to questions like “what does your house look like?, do girls your age have boyfriends?, what do you do when you are hanging out with your friends?.”
  • Have a blast with online parties where you can see, chat & party with your pen pal!
  • Create a lifelong friend, someone to connect with & grow-up with

There are many people around the world who have lifelong friendships developed through pen pals. People express how fun it is to learn about different ways of living & how great it is to have a friend who doesn’t judge you the way you may be known by your school friends.

Someone to share stories with and laugh with!

Are you thinking “I won’t know what to say to my pen pal”? 

Don’t worry about that!! 

U4U will set you up so that you quickly are able to connect & become friends. 

The first phase of the program is all prompts & guided connections. 

Pen pals really like to connect about once per month. U4U facilitates the connection through online connections and mail that passes through the U4U office so addresses are kept safe & correspondence is monitored for safety.